Friday, September 4, 2015

Candy Corn House - Evolution of an Idea

You know I've been working on my cardboard houses to raise money for our Head Start School. One of my ideas was to make some houses that were not too spooky for kids. I thought - what about a Candy Corn house? That might be cool. I wanted it to be simple to make so I just did a simple gable house covered with paper in the colors of candy corn. I like it. I thought it looked pretty good. I messed up on the windows so I outlined them with orange and white baker's twine. I like the door. But the house did not scream "Candy Corn" to me so I moved on to version number 2.

Here's the second version with a rounded top and angled sides.

I thought that this is better because it looks like candy corn, but the roof was all stuck down to the sides and looked kind of funny. I messed up on the windows again. I am only now learning how to cut windows better. I really like the angled chimney though.  Also it is very difficult to make angled sides turn out square. You can see that it does not lay flat on the base. So version 2 is pretty good, but not there yet. Also I covered the house with paper, but I could paint it just as easily so that's what I did in the 3rd version. 

Candy Corn No. 3 - much better. It looks like a house and clearly says "I'm a Candy Corn". I was also able to cut the windows much better as well. The square base sits nicely and the overhang gives you a better idea that it is a house. 

I'll talk about the challenges of making bases for these little houses in another post. 

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