Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jack's House - Probably the last Halloween House of the Season

Ok, this is probably my last Halloween house of the this season because I've got to get them completely ready to sell on  October 1st.

This is the only house that I've made specifically for one person. My friend, Jack, is an absolute Halloween fanatic. He has a storage area in his house called the Meat Locker for the gruesome halloween props that are stored there. I planned on making a gory house for him, but it didn't quite work out that way. I just couldn't do the bloody details that I thought of. For example,  I planned to make one of the windows a guillotine with blood dripping from the window, but once I started on the house that did not fit my creative vision even though Jack would have liked it. So overall I feel I did make a creepy abandoned house that looks scary enough. See what you think.

The first view is the mostly undecorated version. It has the spooky tree in the back and the "bone chimes" hanging on the porch, but no other embellishments around the house. Some of the details I really like about the house are the crooked shingles, the 13 hour clock which I found somewhere on the internet, the coffin door, my first porch with a pretty successful porch railing, the fence and the fall-colored base. I am particularly happy about the fence. I made that by combining 2 different fences - the Tim Holtz "On the Fence" die and a retired Martha Stewart Fence paper punch called "Creepy Fence" edge punch. I really like that I was able to make the gate look like it is coming off its hinges. For the first time I cut a square in the cardboard base and inserted the fence posts in the base for more strength. This fence is pretty stout.

Alright, here is the slightly decorated "Jack's House".

I scattered fall leaves about and put the stand-up skeleton cut out from scrapbook paper in the front. I am considering making a grave somewhere, but I didn't leave much room for it on the sides. Do you think it would look too weird in the front yard? I mean, it is a halloween house.

I hope you are enjoying some beautiful fall weather. It is getting much nicer here. Our nights are cool at least and the days are not nearly as hot - only 80 instead of hitting 90 each day.

Thank you for reading.

Edited on Saturday, September 26th. I decided to take some side views of the house because the house looks pretty cool that way too.

You can see the "bone chimes" better on this view. The tree has not been permanently installed yet. 


  1. Very cool! I think he will love it!

    1. Thank you for commenting and always encouraging me with my crafty endeavors.

    2. Im so glad you started a crafty blog! I love following your projects! These houses are amazing and will be a great fundraiser for an awesome cause!

    3. I really needed a crafty blog. It was too schizophrenic to have my green building stuff with my much less serious crafts. I have as much fun building these little houses as I did building a life-size real home - seriously.