Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Making of Black Hat Inn Cardboard Halloween House

Since the Black Hat Inn is one of my more popular houses, I thought I would go over some of the details involved in making it. I got a lot of ideas from the Cardboard Christmas forum and posted some of this same information there. 

I wish I could remember what gave me the idea to make the hat but I really can't. I have a lot of white cardboard rolls from work that are leftover after we give out stickers. Maybe I was just trying to think of some way to use them. In any case, I got the idea to make a witch hat house. And it was actually pretty easy, roll up a cone of cardboard, secure it and attach it to a cardboard base with a hole in it so the lights can shine through the windows.

Black Hat Inn primed with gesso
I had to cut triangular windows which wasn't very easy to cut on a cone shape, but because the dormers cover them up, they can be kind of crooked and it doesn't matter. The dormers are simple triangles with little flaps in back to attach them to the cone. I chose to make triangular windows and dormers so I wouldn't have to worry about the narrowing curve from the bottom of the dormer to the top. I worked out really well. 

Here's the hat painted black - the first time. I had to repaint it several times because I kept getting gesso and other stuff on it before I finished.

The painted hat on my desk
The hat being test fitted for the base

Above you see the very raw form of the base and the foundation to make it look like a tree stump. I also painted the door to look like wood. It's got a tiny brad to function as the door knob. I was really happy the curved door turned out so well.

Now the base is starting to look like a tree stump. I did not glue the door on at this time because there is still a lot of painting to do. Somehow during the painting process the cardboard base started curling upward so I later glued it on a bigger piece of cardboard to keep it flat.

See why I had to keep repainting the hat. 
Now it's really beginning to look like a tree stump.

And now for the final product with the spinning witches and the Black Hat Inn banner, free parking sign and the ghost doorman welcoming you to the Black Hat Inn.

I think it looks better in person as I am not a very good photographer and my photo background is pretty bland. Overall, I am very happy with this little cardboard house. I may try to build one more before the October Head Start sale. If I do build another one I don't think I will make it an Inn, I think it will be single residence. 

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  1. Such a great tutorial! I saw a little cardboard travel trailer, the retro looking kind! I thought that might be a cool house for you to try!