Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Finally, the last 2 Halloween houses

Please join me on my new blog - where this project is included with more already added. Thank you. I hope to see you there.

I made 2 houses as gifts for some friends of mine, one of whom has a dog named Josie. I found an online store that had a small ceramic yellow lab that looks like her so I made a cardboard witch hat for Josie to wear next to her Halloween house.

I used the same basic pattern that I designed for Jack's house and the rusted tin roof house. I made a total of 5 houses from that pattern. I don't really like making this particular house because I don't like making the porch, but I sure do like the way it looks when I'm done.

The first house below I covered in weathered wood paper that I downloaded from Cardboard Christmas. Since it printed kind of blue-looking, I painted it with some faded jeans distress paint and a little bit of black distress paint. I really like how it turned out.

You can see how I distressed the paint on this house. 

Close-up view of the rusted roof - made with alcohol inks on metallic tape

The next house I call "Josie's house" in honor of Josie the yellow lab.

Isn't Josie cute?
Side view of Josie's house
I will deliver these houses as a surprise tomorrow. I'll let you know how they react when they get their little houses.


  1. I do love the shape of this house! Very cool! I can't wait to hear about their reactions!

    1. They loved them. Josie's owner hugged me so hard when I gave it to her. My other friend, Dr. H, was very tickled as well. I will see them next week. One funny thing about the houses is that people stare at them for awhile and find details that they didn't notice at first which is fun.

  2. Fantastic houses, Lucy!
    Love them all!

    Claudia x

    1. Thank you. I was very pleased with this "batch" of houses. Now I make my Halloween costume, then on to Christmas houses. Then I may have to do practical things for awhile.

  3. I just found your blog. Your houses are amazing! Did you make your own pattern for the houses or are you using a die? I'm considering buying the Tim Holtz Bigz XL.

    1. I make my own patterns. First I copied the patterns that I found on the Cardboard Christmas forum page ( to learn some of the tricks - how to do a chimney, add a gable to the front of a roof, insert windows, etc. You are not allowed to sell anything made from these patterns, but you easily learn the basics from them. Those were my prototype houses, then I started drawing my own houses. I started out relatively simple, then got increasingly complex. I've also got the Tim Holtz Village Dwelling die and it is the best die for a house that I could find. I bought a Spellbinders church that I don't really like though I like the windows from it. I also bought a special order Brenda Walton Sizzix house die that is ok, but not as nice as the Tim Holtz Sizzix one. You can learn the basics from that as well. I think his die is worth it and is a good way to start. You will want to expand from there and then make up your own patterns if you really enjoy making the little houses. Feel free to ask any other questions if you have them. Lucy

      P.S. Cardboard Christmas and the Little Glitterhouse website ( are great places to start.