Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween - Pictures of my Haunted House Halloween Costume

Please join me on my new blog - where this project is included with more already added. Thank you. I hope to see you there.

Here is a pretty good photo of my completed halloween outfit at a coworker's party.

When I added the final touches to the house, the "stairway" piece was folded under the house so I forgot to decorate it. That's why the gray behind the stairway is kind of bland. I think I am going to paint it like stonework. The costume can still be used in the future even as a decor element.

Addendum November 2 - I wrote this before I finished the house.

These last photos are not really blogworthy, but taking a selfie while wearing a Halloween Haunted House outfit is not easy. I'm still working on the costume. I have about 3 more hours to get the roof on and get it a little more polished. The real photos will be posted later. Obviously someone will have to help me get better photos.

Bathroom mirror selfie

Better view of the front of the Haunted House outfit
Back side of the Haunted House costume
The real post will be later today or tomorrow. 


  1. That is absolutely amazing, I've never seen a haunted house Halloween costume before, well done! Deb

  2. ACk! I just tried leaving a comment and I think it disappeared! I think I came across your blog by way of .....Just LOVE your costume! I also am inspired by your little haunted houses! I just started taking a couple of classes for the Tim Holtz little houses. (Haven't finished the haunted house. Just have the kit. Missed that class.) I'm turning all of them into Halloween theme. I like taking the class because I get the dies all cut out and don't have to buy all of them, but I don't like the fact I am somewhat stuck on their colors and materials when pre-cut. I love how you have put your own style on them. I also love how you designed your own houses! That's what I'm doing though as I take the class.. Putting my own touches on them to make them unique. (and like I said, all mine are going to be "haunted" themed. When we do the church class, I'll make it into a haunted school house or clock tower. lol ......Are you on Facebook?