Monday, December 28, 2015

Coppertop Clock House

Please join me on my new blog - where this project is included with more already added. Thank you. I hope to see you there.

I finished this house last week - the Coppertop Clock House. It's made from the template I custom ordered from Accucut. I added an extension on the front.


I am unsure about using the horse and buggy in front. I think I will make one in embossed gold and see how I like that. I am also going to add some kind of decoration on both sides of the "Merry Christmas". I haven't decided what yet.

I made the back open so you can slip in an LED tea light easily. I really like the little hinge on the door. That took some finagling to get it right. I think I will be using that some in the future. The down side is that it makes the bottom a little less strong if it is not continuous. I added some extra cardboard so the house would maintain it's square shape better.

Stay dry. We've had rain for days and it's kind of muggy and gloomy for December. It should return to more normal weather later this week. Take care of yourself. Lucy


  1. Somehow I missed this post! This is a beautiful house!

  2. Looks great Lucy. BTW, this is Will. Love your blog! :)

    1. Hello Will. Thank you for stopping by. This is an ancient house, but I do appreciate your comments. See you on the Cardboard Christmas forums.