Saturday, January 9, 2016

Amsterdam House #2

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I made a second house on request based on the Amsterdam house pattern. I changed up the facade a little bit and used a different fence. I also learned to cover-up the seams on the house better by painting a thick layer of paint with sand in it. It worked really well.

Once again I made the tree. I generally make long trunks so the tree doesn't obscure the house so much. I was going to use 2 trees, but it made the base too messy-looking. I think this combination looks somewhat elegant and more timeless. And you can always put a little Santa figure on the lawn.

Most of the windows are from an Elizabeth Craft die, but the larger top center window is from Tim Holtz Village Dwelling Bell Tower which I cut out of cardboard and glittered. I cut out a frame for the door and recessed the door to give it more dimension. The chimney actually looks better in real life. My photos are looking downward so it doesn't show that the chimney extends above the roofline very much. Still working on designing chimneys for this type house.

I am very pleased with this house. When I was first making this house, I didn't think it was going to be anything special, but now that it's done I think it is a really handsome little house. I hope the person it goes to will agree.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog.


  1. Oh I do love this house. I know you call it an Amsterdam house, but it looks VERY Scottish. Lots of trade between the 2 countries, and we have many houses with Dutch roof lines, and the boats often came home with Dutch panties as ballast, so we have many pan tiled roofs.

  2. Sara,
    I do plan on doing one of your tower houses. I am making Easter houses for some friend's children right now. Dutch panties as ballast - that's really funny.

  3. OMG! pantiles not panties. Damn autocorrect again! hahahahah.

  4. I thought you meant the Scottish sailors really came home with Dutch panties as ballast after their exploits in that country. Now it's even funnier.