Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tudor House Finished

Here are a few photos of the Tudor house on the base.


I designed and picked the colors of this house so I could add a yellow lab figure on the base, but when the house was done I realized that Josie the dog would look too overwhelming next to the little Tudor house. So I used a little deer instead. The deer is still big relative to the house - notice how the fawn is taller than the door. I'm not a miniaturist interested in maintaining a perfect scale, so it's ok to me. The bird is quite large as well.

Side view of the Tudor house. I kind of like the wall around the building. I should have made it slightly shorter though.

This view shows the shingles much better. I am very happy with the shingles on the house.

I hope to do my next house step by step on the blog so you can some of what is involved in making a little house (assuming there is some interest in that).

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone is doing well. We're having another rainy spell in the South, but this one is only supposed to be 3 days long rather than 2 weeks. We are grateful for that. Take care.