Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Please join me on my new blog - paperglitterglue.com where this project is included with more already added. Thank you. I hope to see you there.

I won one of the prizes for Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of 2016! Now just to be honest, I was one of 12 people chosen at random to win, but still it's exciting. This is the first time I've ever made a tag (and not too successfully at that, though the tags looked ok), so I am really tickled about it.

I was looking for my name on the 12 winners, but it wasn't there so I thought I was not chosen. Then I saw my blog title and realized I actually WAS chosen as a winner. Now I have to email Mario of the Tim Holtz company so I can give them my address and they can mail me a prize. I am so happy about that.

I almost have my Easter houses completely done. There are always little details that I think of at the end - places where the paint doesn't look right, or I decide to put Mod Podge on the rooftop leaves to help make them stronger for little hands to touch, or glue a bird on the top, etc, etc. But really, I should get done today. Absolutely today.

I'm also making a few other houses using my Tim Holtz Village dwelling die and the custom die I had made by Accucut. I'd like to make a St. Patrick's day house because I think the colors would be so nice. The only punch or die I have for that is a Tim Holtz 4 leaf clover. I will have to improvise for other embellishments.

That's it for today. Just had to share the news. Take care everybody. I hope Spring is starting wherever you are. It is pretty nice here. 60s in the daytimes, 40s at night. Really nice I think.


  1. Very nice tag! Congratulations!

  2. Great tag, congrats on your win, looking forward to seeing more.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  3. Way to go!! Congrats on the win! All my life I've known how creatively talented you are!

  4. I really do appreciate the comments. Making things, crafting, being creative is its own reward, but it is fun to get positive feedback from others. Thank you.

  5. So cool! Congrats! This tag is adorable!