Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tim Holtz Village Rooftops

Sometime in May, the Tim Holtz Village Rooftops dies from Sizzix arrived to make my little houses so much cuter. I have used them on every house since then, I think.

Bat Clock House

Raven's Crest Rooftop

Widow's Walk Rooftop

One cool thing I noticed is that the off cuts can be used for rooftops as well. You can see a little bit of that on the Widow's Walk Rooftop where I used the off cut around the edge to give some spooky spikes to the edge.

Here are a few photos of the dies and how the off cuts can be used.

Rooftops cut out in cardboard. 

Rooftop off cuts. Can you see the potential for using these on a rooftop?

Off cuts separated - the top off cut is before separating the shake shingles.

Shake shingles separated.

Staggered rounded off cuts:

Staggered Pointy off cuts - a little spookier than the others. I have just the house for this one.

Staggered shake offcuts. I combine these with the regular shakes so you don't have to cut out as many.

So if you are making a lot of little houses, this saves you some time and gives you more options for the roofs.

As I have said before, I love this die. It has made making the roofs so much more fun. Now I don't have to cut out shingles by hand anymore.

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