Monday, September 12, 2016

Bike Tour 2016 - A Downhill Tour of the Sierra Cascades

I am getting ready to go on my bike trip. I leave Thursday morning and start the ride proper the next day.

I would be able to be very crafty for a couple of months so I will have to content myself with creative imaginings. I did get an iPad pro with a pencil so I can draw at least.

The journal I keep will be on the website - My title is "A Downhill Tour of the Sierra Cascades" so named because if you look at the map and ride from North to South it looks downhill. Of course, that is not the reality. This route - the Sierra Cascades - is actually the hilliest route that the Adventure Cycling Association has mapped. That's ok. I can handle it, slowly no doubt, but I will plod along and finish. This route goes from the US-Canadian border at Sumas, Washington to the US-Mexico border at Tecate. From there I will ride to San Diego and then take a train back to SC.

My specific journal on crazy guy can be found on this link - A "Downhill" Tour of the Sierra Cascades.

I have a lot to do. Talk to you later.

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