Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Biggest Fan and his Christmas Clock

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My biggest fan is 4 years old and just goes crazy over my houses. It won't always be so - he's 4 and he's a boy which means that sometime, too soon, he will outgrow his fascination with the little houses, I fear. In the meantime I will share the photo his mother sent me where he is showing off his Christmas clock house. She gave me permission to share it and noted that he wanted to make sure that his smile was perfect so in a way he approved the photo as well.

My biggest fan
Here is a close up of the house. I decided to do a clock house because I saw one on the Cardboard Christmas forum that I really liked. Before long the design had evolved.

The pattern is original - just a simple gable front and a gable roof on the sides. I made a cubbyhole for the Santa with a background printed in vellum so that light would show through the hole in the back. I tried to use gold bunting around the cubbyhole, but I didn't glue it down right so I had to rip it off and find something to cover it up. I stamped some greenery and cut it out to cover up that mistake. 

The color is too yellow here, but you can see the background lit up behind the Santa. 
The Santa, Snowman and the clock are all stamps from Papertrey ink. The reindeer are from Memory Box Christmas Delights die and stamps. The roof, as is almost always true, is from the Village Dwelling Rooftops. I think the trees are from Richard Gray Great Outdoors dies. 

The snow on the base is Grit paste from Ranger Ink and then everything was coated with Martha Stewart's fine transparent glitter. 

Things like this make Christmas for me. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a joyous new year. 

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  1. SO cute! What a smile! He needs a house for every month of the year!