Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Preview for "Based on a Book"

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I could not believe this Monday's challenge on Simon Says Stamp - it's "Based on a Book". I was so surprised because I am working on a book project for Houses for Habitat which I might actually be able to finish this week. Of course, it is still an out-of-season Halloween house, but it's pretty cool. See what you think.

Here is a brief preview.

I love this Tim Holtz stamp which came out last Halloween season. I decided to make a house based on this design. I greatly simplified the house, but I think you can see the resemblance. I also decided to hand draw the windows to retain that aspect of the house stamp.

Here is the house in the "book" I am still deciding on background elements: Is the twilight sky too bright, the grass too light? What color to paint the ground below the house? Do I continue the colors of the sky around the sides of the box? What about the facing page - color it like a scene or make it like a facing page in a book? Do I need a moon or a cloud or something hanging from the sky - a witch or a bat? What about a tree? What is the best fence and how do I incorporate it in front of the house (maybe behind)? Etc, etc.

Then there is always the issue of the front cover and spine - how to decorate these parts? That's why my projects take me weeks. It's not the actually making of the project, but the decisions about what to include.

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  1. That is so cool! I really like all the hand drawn detailing that you added to it. Blessings!