Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gothic Halloween House Progress

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I decided that step by step photos may help someone who wants to make a little house so I am posting photos as I go along making this house. It is a coming along nicely. I am very happy with this design.

The house is not glued together yet. I held it together with clips so I could apply the siding easier without going over the side fold. You can see the fish scale shingles on both gables. That will also be applied to the roof and the roof pieces that will cover both gables. I cut the shingles out with the Sizzix Tim Holtz Mini-Scallop and Pinking die. I save the offcuts from the shingles because that will make great roof shingles as well. I started to make the shingles out of thick card stock, but it didn't give me the texture and dimension I wanted so I used my standard cardboard. The shingles are painted with black gesso and edged with white paint.

You can also see on the siding the reason for painting the house black. I will probably use black windows and an arch around the door. I will experiment with the doorway to see what looks best.

This is the inside to show you the double layer of cardboard. It's actually 3 layers in the front because I glued on the piece with the tall skinny gable at the roofline. This prevents the cardboard from curving and gives the little house incredible strength. Sometimes I glue the colored acetate for the windows between my layers of cardboard, but I didn't this time. It is actually easier to glue it on at this stage. I use a generous bit of white glue to hold the window material down.

There are 2 important things to note about the cardboard support layer. I have to be sure and cut the pieces so that they do not extend to the fold line because that will prevent the house from folding properly. I also don't extend the back cardboard piece all the way to the edge because of the flap that must be glued to hold the house together. I have to leave enough space for the flap.

One skinny side has no windows because it is going to be covered up by the tall chimney.

Sometimes when the house is tall, I will cover the inner roof with metallic tape to reflect light better so the house will really light up.

That's where I am right now. Thank you for taking time to read my entries on making little houses. I hope you will enjoy making one like I do.

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  1. Very interesting with the double layer of cardboard for strength.