Saturday, May 6, 2017

Progress on the Gothic Halloween House - Part 4

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We last left off with the house glued together but the roof was not on.

Under roof glued down to the roof support flaps, gables cut out.

Mini-scallops cut out, painted black, distressed with white paint.

Fish scale shingles glued on gable roofs. Remember to paint the edges of the cardboard. Underside of the gable roofs were painted black but that was a mistake because it didn't provide enough contrast to the fronts of the gables. I dabbed on some Ranger Tumbled Glass - a light blue to solve that problem. I'll show you in a later photo.

3M Painter's Tape holding the roof on so I don't have to walk around the house holding it down.

The door is made by gluing woodlike-painted cardboard from a previous project, In the Dog House, to black cardboard. I punch a tiny hole for a tiny brad as the doorknob.

Finished door.

Door glued in the alcove.

Sometimes I use tape and sometimes I am the tape.

Sometimes I use clamps.

Sometimes I am the clamp.

Roof details - I added the scallop offcuts along the ridge line for a little more spooky factor. You can also see a little of the blue painting under the gable. In the photo above you see how the black masks the detail of the shingles on the front of the gable.

I cut out 2 little squares in the base for fence posts.

It will look something like this. The fence pieces are in the oven drying. When I paint and glue stuff I often dry them in a (turned off) barely warm oven. I don't cook much.

So it wasn't big stuff today, but lots of tiny details. The house is built and except for some clean up - searching out the elusive glue balls and tiny cat hairs - the house itself is done. Glue the house to the base, landscaping and halloween decor to follow.

If you are following the progress of this little Halloween house, thank you for reading.


  1. You are making great progress on this fabulous little house, I really like the way the roof is looking. You really made me smile with your 'don't cook much' comment, I can't think of a better use for your oven! Anne x

  2. Anne, thank you for your comments. I always appreciate hearing from you.

  3. Nice tip about the tape - hand not thought of that. I often use clothes pins as clamps - or I just walk around and hold it together! ;)

  4. I use the tape where it can be taped down without damaging the piece or curving the pieces you are gluing together. The depth of the alcove roof wasn't enough to adhere the tape well and didn't want it to damage the crackle finish. I had to hold the chimney on because it required more force to adhere to the side of the house.