Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Chateau

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I found a drawing of a French chateau on pinterest that I'm making for the next Halloween house. It has some really cool features that I am anxious to work on.

This is from an old French book that you can find on Google. I tried to find an example of the house, but I couldn't find an actual house that looks like this.

I will make it more Halloween-like by using dark colors - black roof, grey plaster for the main body of the house and distressed white brick on the sides of the chimney and the house. Unlike my last 2 houses, I have not designed the base yet. I will probably make a stucco wall to go around this house.

Here is my simplified drawing.

And here is the basic structure of the house.

I figure the 2 hardest things will be the eyebrow dormer and the conical roofs on the turrets. In order to make the turrets adhere to the house, they are basically semi-circular with a flat back to sit on the front.

I'm going to experiment with making a weather vane on the top maybe with a witch.

That's the current plan. We'll see how it goes.


  1. You've come a long way with this already! This looks like a very challenging and fun project. I am interested to see how you make the turrets/roof. I just took a pic of a Victorian-looking house in my area that has a rounded room on the front because I want to try that. I'd also like to make a castle with a round tower. . .

  2. great photo and that castle is gorgeous, nice project can't wait your final result
    a warm hello from california...thanks for visiting my crafty blog!
    DT for Memory Box