Thursday, July 20, 2017

All Squared Up Challenge

Please join me on my new blog - This project is included with lots of new projects. I hope to see you there. Thank you. 

I was a pinworthy challenge winner from A Vintage Journey's The Magic of Three Challenge. Very excited to be chosen. AND I was chosen with some incredible artists - Barbara who posts on a blog called YaYa Scrap and More and with Nate who has a blog named Le Scrap de Nate. So when you are a pinworthy challenge winner that means you get asked to be a guest designer for the blog sometime in the future. Well, that is today - the challenge is titled "All Squared Up".

I was told the challenge topic about 2 months ago and I was so relieved to have an idea to work on. I recently read that Vincent Van Gogh used a frame device to help with perspective. I always thought great artists like Van Gogh just instinctively understood perspective and that his drawings were flowed from that. Now I don't really know how his device worked, but it gave me an idea to work on perspective using framed squares. I used the Tim Holtz cityscape buildings as my objects that get larger as they get closer to the viewer.

This project is called, naturally enough, City on the Square.

I cut a bunch of squares each one smaller by 1/2 inch. I cut out the centers to make the frames. Every frame was painted a different color. The plan was for the background to recede so I made it darker, then the rest were successively lighter. I played around with the Distress Oxide colors for these frames.

The cityscape buildings were stained with various Distress inks and Distress Oxides.

Then I arranged them on the edge of the frame to get bigger and bigger as the frames got larger. I also cut the bottom of the building at an angle. I glued some strips of cardboard on the back of each frame to help them protrude a little to emphasize the perspective.

When I conceived of the idea, I wasn't sure how it would work, but once I started placing the buildings on the the edge of the frames, I realized it did work. Kind of a fun artistic exercise for me.

Thank you everyone at A Vintage Journey for picking me for this challenge.


  1. Wow, this is so clever and so brilliantly done, - genius!!

  2. Lucy, I am (almost) at a loss for words, this is an incredible project and the result you achieved is absolutely stunning! I have pinned it for future reference as I really want to try it out... Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and being our guest at A Vintage Journey. Anne x

  3. un véritable projet architecturale ,félicitations , c'est superbe
    à bientôt NATE

  4. Lucy, this is oh so cool and wonderfully creative! Your clever mind really took an "angel" - ha - with this challenge and I love it! Gorgeous and inspiring make. Hugs, Autumn

  5. The clever trompe l'oeil effect you've created with your layered squares and the fabulous rainbow buildings, so carefully arranged by size to give that wonderful illusion of depth, is just amazing... like a 17th century theatre set, where they had such tiny stages they had to build sets just like this to create the illusion of space. Brilliant and beautiful! Great to have you with us on the Vintage Journey this month.
    Alison x