Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hip Roof Farmhouse - latest House for Habitat

Please join me on my new blog - This project is included with lots of new projects. I hope to see you there. Thank you. 

Still working on this house, but it is getting close to completion. I got the idea from A Vintage Journey blog challenge this month "All Squared Up". I thought I should make a square house with each side a square and all the windows square. To maintain the look of a square house, I had to make a hipped roof - a kind of pyramidal roof which is a first for me. It was much easier than I expected. The base is square as well.

Each side is 3 x 3 inches. The basic cardboard I use is 8.5 x 11 inches so I couldn't cut the house out of one piece. I made the back separately. The seams don't show from the front because the glued flaps fit inside the house. I decorated this house before I glued it together. It is easier to glue all the crackled, distressed pieces of siding when the house is flat. The roof is just cardboard covered with a metallic tape distressed with Ranger texture paste, alcohol inks and little bit of Distress Black Soot paint. I wrote up tutorial on how to make a rusted tin roof here.

The house glued together.

Waiting on the posts to dry so I can string some wire between them.

As always I have to figure out some landscaping. I'm trying to figure out how to make some hay bales. Maybe glue some straw to small pieces of wood - not sure how to do that. Maybe tumbleweeds? 

I think it looks like an abandoned house during the dust bowl era. 

Thank you for reading. Have a happy, creative day. 


  1. What a wonderful abandoned house you created Lucy!! The different pieces of siding really give the feeling of decay. Love that rusted tin roof and bright red door! You haven't linked up to the A Vintage Journey challenge - are you waiting to finish the landscape? can't wait to see it all! Julia xx

  2. Yes, I need to finish it before I post it on a Vintage Journey. I think I will do that today. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

  3. Another great project Lucy! I have a question about the siding. Do you cut the siding pieces from the same type/thickness of cardboard that you use for the walls of the house? Great rusted roof. I have never used metal tape, alcohol inks or Distress paints, but you get a great effect. I really love seeing your works in progress.

    1. Laney, Lately I've been making the siding using 110# black cardstock as the background because I want black to show through the crackle and it's pretty strong stuff. On my Italianate mansion ( I did use black painted cardboard. Both work fine. I also paint the house itself black for the seams between the siding.

      The rusted roof is easy, easy. I get my metallic tape from one of the home improvement stores. Also sometimes if I want a house to really light up inside, I coat the interior roof with the metallic tape so it will reflect more light.