Monday, July 3, 2017

Spooky Tree Tutorial

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I'll try to write a brief tutorial on making trees from wire and brown packing paper and glue. Newspaper would work just as well, I think. I've made 6 so far and each time I get better at it. They are really pretty quick to make. This is a photo-heavy post so I'm going to keep the photos smaller than I usually do.

I tear the paper in strips to wrap around the wire. If the branch is pretty small I don't use glue, but on the longer, fatter branches I do glue them because the paper unwinds more. When I paint the trees, the paint functions as glue to hold the twisted ends together permanently.

I usually make the wire longer than the paper because it is easier to twist the ends of the paper on the wire. Also if you use a shorter piece of wire, the wire tries to slip out of the paper and you can't bend the limbs as easily.

Just twist tightly and it usually stays very well. If you have to use a little glue on the ends, that's fine. As you can see below it is the fatter strips that tend to unwind.

Now wind 2 branches together. I try to offset them a little so the branches aren't all the same size.

Then wrap a strip of paper with glue on it around the 2 branches so they become one branch.

Keep doing that until you have a tree. I try to vary the length of the branches. Since each one has wire in it, you can bend them however you like. The base of the tree and the roots need more filling out.

Here you can see how I've wrapped the trunk and even wired 2 branches together.

I used a short piece of paper-wrapped wire to make a 3-pronged branch.

Here is the tree with the base of the trunk filled out and more paper wrapped around the roots. If your tree doesn't stand up very well you can bend the roots to get it to stand the way you want it to.

I trim the wire with wire cutters when I am satisfied with the shape of the branches. The trees are not fancy or perfect, but they work well with my Halloween houses. Below is a photo of the tree standing up. It tilts a little, but I will play with it when I glue it to the base of one of the the houses.

I like this tree and as I said earlier, each time I make one, I get better at it. Let me know if you make one or if you have any questions.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! These are awesome!!

  2. This is a great tutorial! The tree looks so realistic!

  3. A great tutorial Lucy, you make it look so easy!

  4. Oops! I entered my comment on the wrong post. Thanks for this tutorial.

  5. Thank you everybody. I hope this helps someone make trees.

  6. What a labor of love making this tree but the results are fantastic! Thanks for sharing how to! Julia xx