Friday, July 21, 2017

Tree House Prototype Fixed

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I made this house about a month ago and it just did not work. No matter how many leaves I glued on the front, it did not look the way I wanted it to. Last night I noticed the house sitting with the back towards me and I realized I could make it into a house I like.

Initial Tree House Prototype - not working
Back of the house as I first made it
Trying to fix the house by gluing on lots more leaves - still not working
The extra leaves framed the house better and the hole in the back for the light could function as the opening in a bird house. Now if I had started out making a bird house, I would have made a bigger opening, centered it better and added a perch. But I figured I could still modify the house so that I would like it.

Much better. 
It is very satisfying to salvage a project, don't you think?

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  1. Definitely always good to salvage a project you are unhappy with! I love this as a birdhouse. The bird is so sweet peeking out from his home. The paint job is fantastic. You have great painting skills.