Thursday, September 28, 2017

Two Crones Sharing Recipes

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I have migrated this information on the Two Crones to this blog. Please do stop by and see the cool paper crafts. I think you will be inspired. Thank you. Lucy

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Halloween Village 2017 for Habitat for Humanity

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to the Village of Haunted Holtzville

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Testing 1.. 2.. 3 trying to figure out how to make videos. This is the outtake.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Recycled Tiny Halloween House in a Jar

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This post is the Tiny House in a Jar that can be found here.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shimmer and Shine Halloween House for Haunted Holtzville

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I have moved the content of this blogpost to my new blog here. You can find all of the information about this Village Manor Haunted House here. Whenever I move the information, I try to include some new photos or give you a little more information on how to make the house so it's worth your time to actually visit the new blog.

In a number of posts that I've moved, I have explained why. The problem is duplicate content in Google's eyes. Google doesn't like that idea. It thinks I am stealing content from myself. Because I just don't want you to follow a link or a Pinterest pin and come to an empty blog, I keep this blog as a placeholder so to speak. So I am gradually deleting the content on this blog, but leaving some photos and directions to find the complete blog post. Please join me at the blog. I am always working on new content for your creative pursuits. Thank you.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trail Magic on the Appalachian Trail in Maine

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As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a week in Maine while my friend Lynn finished the Appalachian trail. I wanted to be there at the end because I had been there at the beginning and it only seemed fitting. Lynn and her hiking buddy, Crystal, were just finishing the 100 mile wilderness where you are advised to take TEN DAYS worth of food with you because there is nowhere to buy food in that area. Lynn and Crystal hiked it in 5 days. It's not wilderness like you might think because there are a large number of logging roads going through it. I planned on meeting them at the end of their 4th night in that area and bringing them some trail magic - FOOD. I had to pay to drive on a dirt logging road called Jo Mary Road - $28 for a 24 mile dirt road.

See the painted white blaze on the tree - that marks the Appalachian trail. 
Very soggy underfoot.

Somehow the map function worked on my phone (even though I was in the wilderness) until I was almost to the intersection with the Appalachian trail (AT) and I saw a US forestry worker who got me to the correct place. I loaded up my pack with food and hiked to the intersection with the AT. The plan really was for me to hike about 3 more miles with them, camp with them that night and then hike back 3 miles to the car the next morning.

When I finally ran into Lynn and Crystal, I spread out the food and they devoured it. I had Chocolate croissants covered with icing, crackers, 2-3 types of cheeses, yogurt, and fruit. After they ate, they flat out told me that this was not fun and I should go back to the car, get a hotel room for the night and meet them tomorrow at the Abol Bridge Campground. It was rainy and cold and really pretty grim so I agreed. I was afraid that I might slow them down and since they'd already gone 18 miles  the last thing they needed was someone slowing them down for the final 3 miles.

I drove back down the 24 miles of dirt road in the rain and went to Millinocket to get a hotel room. As I drove back I formulated a plan because I knew it was going to rain all night and into tomorrow. Remember that they'd already done 21 miles in the rain and they had 24 miles for the next day. I called Mike, Lynn's husband, and asked him what he thought of me keeping the hotel room the next night so they could dry out and wash clothes. The hike the day after from Abol Bridge Campground to Baxter State Park is a relatively flat, nicely maintained trail of 10 miles - a very easy day to Lynn and Crystal so they could start later. He thought it was a great idea. So I added another night to my hotel room.

Hiking near the Abol Bridge Campground. The sky is trying to clear.
Ok, so I wanted to provide them with trail magic on the 24 mile day as well. That means I had to hike on the AT a few miles at least to be on the trail. It's not trail magic unless you are ON the trail. Well, I got lost trying to find the trail. I hiked down a road for about a mile and totally missed where the trail started at Abol Bridge. This ate up my time in hiking towards them. Since I was a little late getting on the trail, I ran and hustled up the trail, trying to get far enough that the trail magic would mean something to them.

According to Lynn and Crystal, this is a very smooth trail in comparison. 
I was just cresting a hill when I saw Crystal and she yelled out "Lucy". She said she was so tired and wet and her feet were blistered and she was dreading the hill so she was very happy to see me. Lynn was wondering why Crystal was yelling my name. She was surprised to see me on the trail as well. I met them about 2 miles from the end for the day. I laid out the spread - Apple Fritters, cookies, yogurt, apples and pears, Brie, Crackers, Guacamole dip, chips. They were thinking that they'd never had trail magic like that. Lynn's husband, Mike says that the only trail magic he ever got was a soft drink or a beer. We also met up with someone they had been hiking with "Jarhead" is his trail name - a very nice guy. He also appreciated the food.

Fragile looking mushroom on the trail. It was somewhat translucent which I've never seen in a mushroom before.
Mushrooms on a tree log. Beautiful.
Then we hiked to the Abol Bridge Campground and where they were delighted to be going to a hotel for the evening. We washed clothes and I read my iPad in the bathroom while I used the blow dryer to dry out their shoes. All 3 of them had blisters from hiking in the rain for almost 45 miles. Jarhead came along and got a room as well so he could dry out.

Another view of Mount Katahdin
The next morning I drove them back to Baxter State Park so they could do their 10 mile hike before summiting Mount Katahdin to complete the entire AT. We camped at Katahdin stream campground the night before summiting.

I was honored to be there for the finish of the AT. It will be interesting to see what is next for these super hikers.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Brief Update - Halloween houses, Maine trip

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I got back from my trip to Maine where I saw my friend, Lynn, finish the Appalachian trail. She started in 2013 at Springer Mountain GA with her husband and 2 dogs. I drove them to the start of the trail since I live in Upstate SC. Their trails names collectively are "The Four Montanans". They made it 1200 miles when one of the dogs started having troubles on the rocks in Pennsylvania and they had to stop. Since then Lynn and her husband alternated doing the trail and both finished this year. I wanted to be at the finish so I flew to Maine to see her finish in Baxter State Park by climbing Mt. Katahdin. Mike (her husband) finished in August. It was an incredible trip and deserves its own post because it was both eventful and successful. I am so proud of her.

Here a just a couple of photos for starters.

Bog we crossed the day Lynn entered Baxter State Park. I hiked in a couple of miles to meet Lynn and her friends. They hiked 24.5 miles that day, most of it in the rain.
This photo is the first view we had of Mt. Katahdin from the Abol Bridge Campground just outside Baxter State Park.

Very beautiful, don't you think? Intimidating though.
More later in a specific post about the week in Maine.

I arrived home on Tuesday the 12th, the day after remnants of Hurricane Irma came through. I had incredible luck that day - one I traveled on the 12th, not the 11th and my neighbors huge oak that split in two did not land on my house.

This view is from my yard. You can see my crunched picket fence in the left hand corner of the photo. 
Next update is that I have all the houses for Haunted Holtzville done and most (if not all) of the landscaping on the houses.

Here is a brief view of the last 2 houses. First, the small one made from Tim Holtz' Tiny House die from Sizzix.

Made from the Sizzix Tiny House die. I am going to put it in an old jar so it will look like it's in a bell jar. I think it will look pretty cool. I have a few other embellishments planned. I made the chimney out of rolled paper - easy to do.

And here is the metallic Haunted Holtzville Manor.

More on it later as well.

So that is my brief update. I have a long shift tomorrow - that's why this isn't a more detailed post. 

Have a good day everybody.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Still Working on Haunted Holtzville

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I tried to finish Haunted Holtzville before my trip, but I can't get it done to my satisfaction. I will show a little bit more about my outfit for the introduction. It's a Halloween costume I made a couple of years ago, but I doctored it up better and I'm going to wear it when I show the village.

This photo is a nighttime photo with the light shining behind the windows on my outfit.

I am so excited to go to Maine to see my friend, Lynn, finish her journey on the Appalachian trail. I took her and her husband to the start at Springer Mountain a few years ago. They intended to do it all in one continuous hike, but one of their dogs had some foot problems in Pennsylvania (known to people doing the Appalachian trail as Rocksylvania). The dog is fine now, but since then Lynn and her husband have alternated doing 3 week sections of the trail. He finished a few weeks ago and Lynn is finishing in 2-3 days. I've never been to Maine before so I asked if it was ok if I met her at the finish which she agreed to.

I am trying to catch up with them a few days before they finish so I can bring them some treats. I asked Lynn what she would like as a treat and she said, "ANYTHING! We will eat anything." She actually said craves cokes on the trail which she has hardly ever consumed in her entire life. That's the way it goes on the trail. So I have my hiking shoes, backpack, tent, sleeping bag and hiking poles (which I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put together. Leki collapsible poles are supposed to go click and snap together, but I cannot get them to click).

Need to get all my stuff together. I have never been able to post a photo off my iPad so any photos will either be on my Facebook account or on Instagram.

I will talk to ya'll in about a week. Take care and stay out of the way of any hurricanes.