Friday, September 22, 2017

Welcome to the Village of Haunted Holtzville

Please join me on my new blog - where this project is included with many more crafty projects already added. Thank you. I hope to see you there.

Testing 1.. 2.. 3 trying to figure out how to make videos. This is the outtake.


  1. Lucy, I am so impressed with all of these little houses! I know that so much time and effort has been put into making them so fabulous! I am sure they will be highly sought after at the fundraising event, and what a kind and generous thing to do. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with each and every piece of haunted holtzville! You are very talented!

  2. I love Haunted Holtzville! And your house costume is fantastic!! How well can you see out in that costume?

    1. I can actually see pretty well because of the shutters. I am supposed to be wearing a black long sleeve shirt and gloves when I wear the outfit, but since that was just a test shot, I didn't put them on.

  3. I am just blown away with your work here! Haunted Holtzville is so original and creative, I'm at a loss for words! Let me just say everything is fantastic and I love it all - every last detail!!

  4. Haunted Holtzville is fabulous Lucy and your outfit is such fun - loved the video!