Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Little House Making Party - A Success!

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Well, I hosted the Little House Making Party for the previous 2 nights and I think it was a success. Over 50 houses were made and people were very creative. The house that people chose to make the most often was the Tim Holtz Village Dwelling. I made 25 of that design and they were all used at the party.

Final touches to the trees on the house.

This person used a ribbon spool for the base.

These 2 houses were made by teenage best friends. The houses are cooling after coming out of a low heat oven where we gently dried the paint. 
Everyone is hard at work making their little houses.
I didn't glue the steeple on straight. It needs snow or something to even up the steeple. 

My friend's girls are proud of their creations. 
I laughed when someone asked how long it took me to make a house. I told them that generally it takes me a week to make a house and they said, "And you expect us to make one in an hour??"

These photos are from the first night of the party (I host it on 2 nights for my co-workers who work in the ER hoping that they can come on at least one of the nights). Since I had never hosted a house-making party before, I was kind of stressed, but the people who came were not. I think they had a good time.

More photos on the second night of the party tomorrow.


  1. Yay!!! The houses turned out great! Glad it went well :)!!!

  2. It looks like a very creative time. I'm sorry I missed it. I'll try to make the second annual house making party!