Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Little House Making Party - A Success!

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Well, I hosted the Little House Making Party for the previous 2 nights and I think it was a success. Over 50 houses were made and people were very creative. The house that people chose to make the most often was the Tim Holtz Village Dwelling. I made 25 of that design and they were all used at the party.

I've most the rest of this post to my new blog so you can find more details about the little house-making party here.

Final touches to the trees on the house.

This person used a ribbon spool for the base.

Everyone is hard at work making their little houses.
My friend's girls are proud of their creations. 
I laughed when someone asked how long it took me to make a house. I told them that generally it takes me a week to make a house and they said, "And you expect us to make one in an hour??"
making party before, I was kind of stressed, but the people who came were not. I think they had a good time.


  1. Yay!!! The houses turned out great! Glad it went well :)!!!

  2. It looks like a very creative time. I'm sorry I missed it. I'll try to make the second annual house making party!