Sunday, November 26, 2017

More Photos from the Little House Making Party

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Here are a few more photos from the Little House Making Party. These are from the second night of the party. I actually did a better job taking photos of all the houses on the second night so there are a lot of houses. I will probably divide them up in 2 posts.

One thing I noticed was that a number of people brought their best friends. I think 3 of my friends who brought their daughters brought along their best friend along which was really cool. It was fun to see the girls working on their houses in tandem. And even one of my co-workers brought her own best friend. I like that.

I ran out of pre-made bases so I bought some inexpensive gift boxes at the craft store and punched a hole in the top so an LED light could be placed underneath. This design is one of my own custom designs on one of those bases. The disadvantage to it was that people had to paint the house rather than cover it with paper. But they did a great job.

This is the Tim Holtz Village Dwelling house painted in purple and pink shades.

Another one of my house designs. I love the color scheme. I just discovered Martha Stewart glitter paint at Michael's recently. It's really fun to use. It's not thick glitter but it leaves a nice coating without the glitter mess.

Here is one of the Eileen Hull Birdhouses on a painted ribbon roll as the base. I love the fat little yellow bird.

This house is made from the Tim Holtz Village Brownstone die.

Ok, what is really unique about this house is that there is an over roof that flips up to reveal a "Merry Christmas" message. Very cool.

This house was made by one of the best friend duos. This child is very creative and very funny. I enjoyed working with her on her house.

This is the best friend's house. All the glue strings kind of tickle me because that's what I do as well when I use hot glue.

I love this house. Beautiful colors.

So I'll write another post with the last few houses from the party. And I'll also write a little bit about what I would do different next time with advice on hosting a crafting party.

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