Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wilkins House Putz Project for Habitat

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Wilkins House putz version
The Wilkins House as the putz version. The trees are not glued on yet because I will probably add snow and glitter to them. I will also put more snow on the roof, the stairs and the base.

Finally, I have finished my most ambitious little cardboard house - the Wilkins House. It is based on a famous house in my hometown that was saved from the destruction by moving it and fully renovating it in its new site. I figured it would be a good project for the next Habitat for Humanity auction which isn't until October. I am glad I finished it now because it basically took me about 2 months to get it done.

Wilkins Putz House conservatory side view
Conservatory side of the Wilkins House

Wilkins putz house porch side view
Wilkins House Porch side view

Wilkins Putz House top porch view
Wilkins House top porch view

Bird's eye view of the Wilkins putz house
Bird's eye view of the house. Definitely needs more snow.

To recap and give you an idea of the challenges in making this house, I've written about 6 blog posts describing the process:

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Wilkins House Putz Progress Prototype 4

Spring Mansion - Evolution of a Putz House

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It's Going to Work

The major challenge for me is always measuring accurately. All the pieces had to fit together or the house would look wonky like some of the elements on the Spring Mansion, the prototype house. I wouldn't say that the pieces are perfect, but they are pretty dang good for me. I am very pleased with how the house has turned out. I am hoping the house will bring a lot of money for Habitat of Greenville during the October auction fundraiser.

Wilkins House Putz Version with real Wilkins House
Comparison of the real Wilkins House with my putz version.

Next? Now I get to make Halloween houses which will be sold (not auctioned) to raise money for Habitat. My favorite houses to make. The first one I am going to make is a simplified Halloween version of the Wilkins House. I hope I can complete it much faster than this one.

Oh, I am going to enter this into an online challenge. I found that the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge is "Add a Die Cut". I have used a number of dies in this project. My favorites are the windows from the Tim Holtz Village Manor and then the rooftop dies. The other die used was the fence die where I used the offcuts to make the balusters and the notching around the top of the house. I'm saving all the fence pieces I cut out for the Halloween houses I will be making.

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  1. Truly amazing!! This "mansion" is gorgeous and full of details! So glad that you join the fun over Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Add a Die Cut” Challenge! Awesome details and design! Super work!

  2. This is beautiful, Lucy! I love all your houses but this one is special!

  3. this is so amazing~! :) :)

  4. My word! You houses have really evolved over the past year or two and this one is like the wedding cake version! I am so impressed. I expect that recreating an actual landmark near to you provided the motivation to see it through. Your houses remind me of when my great aunt took me to see the Thorne miniature rooms in Chicago when I was a little girl and I have been smitten with all things tiny ever since. Your houses are no exception.

    1. Thank you. This one was really pretty hard to make. I think I made 4-5 cardstock versions, one cardboard prototype. It still needs a little work with more snow on the roof and ground and the trees need some snow and glitter, but certainly the hard part is done. I have plans to do a simplified Halloween version omitting the side conservatory and the other side porch. I will add some other Halloween elements there. The real motivation to seeing it through is that I promised the people at Habitat of Greenville that I would make this house. And I'd like to raise a lot more money than I did last year.

      I will have to look up the Thorne miniature rooms. I love tiny things too.

      Thank you so much. I am trying to build a more professional-looking blog at if you want to stop by. Thank you again for your kind comments.